Transfixed - Natalie Mars Showcase

Transfixed – Natalie Mars Showcase


Cast: Kenna James, Natalie Mars, Kristen Scott, Haley Reed, Cadence Lux

Natalie Mars is a woman who is always on a mission and used to getting what she wants. She’s not the type to take “no” for an answer. She loves ordering Kenna James around and seeing her tremble with fear… and arousal. Dressed in tight leather and looking fierce, she’s pleased to see her submissive pet obediently waiting for her. When Kristen Scott climbs onto a dining table, she wants to taste more than just icing from Natalie’s piece of cake. As soon as the motel door is closed, Natalie and Haley Reed crash together in bed. They strip each other down and admire each other’s naked bodies in the neon glow of the motel sign shining through the window. Natalie’s no stranger to attention, but when she saw the gorgeous Cadence approaching her, she knew this was different. Their chemistry was instantaneous. As Cadence moved away to rejoin her friends, she was already eager to see more of the alluring angel with the shapely ass.