Three Course Meal


Summer Hart and her boyfriend Tony Sting have decided to take a yoga class together. When they arrive, they are greeted by their cute teacher, Eva Maxim, and, Izzy Wilde. They all get down on the floor, ready to stretch their limbs and take in some deep breaths. But as Summer goes through some positions, Eva can’t take her eyes off of Summer’s exquisite rack and bubbly ass. Tony realizes what’s going on and storms off, but Summer stays in the studio to continue the fun! A couple, Ariel Demure and JJ Graves, visit their friends Codi Vore and Izzy Wilde for a dinner party. This is Codi’s chance to make her move on Ariel, but she needs Izzy’s help to distract JJ! Hailey Rose and Izzy Wilde are two best friends who are having a sleepover. A family friend of Hailey’s, Dee Williams, has agreed to keep an eye on the two girls so that they don’t get into any trouble. Hailey and Izzy soon finish their video game and decide to cuddle inside the tent. But as Hailey’s ass presses up against Izzy’s crotch, Izzy can’t help but get turned on. She whips out her cock and presses the tip against the fabric of Hailey’s pajama pants. Hailey loves it, so she pulls down her pants and lets Izzy stick her shaft inside her wet pussy. Just then, however, Dee reenters the basement!