Ski Mask Bandit, Scene #01


Korra Del Rio is sneaking around while wearing a ski mask, and notices that the entrance to a house has been left unlocked and open. Korra tiptoes into the house and starts looking through the kitchen drawers, perusing potentially precious pieces. Suddenly, she is spotted by the couple who owns the house, Charlotte Sins and Dillon Diaz. Uh-oh, busted! Charlotte yanks off Korra’s ski mask, so that she and Dillon can get a better look at the troublemaker. However, Charlotte and Dillon are both stunned by Korra’s beauty. But the visual delights are only just beginning, because Korra peels off her tight pants, revealing her erect cock. The couple’s shock gives way to mutual lust, and they get down on their knees in front of Korra. Korra playfully bumps her cock against Dillon and Charlotte’s faces, and the couple starts giving her blowjobs, their eyes crossing in pleasure as they do so. Korra then pulls up the backs of Dillon and Charlotte’s robes so she can check out their asses, and starts penetrating Dillon. But clearly it would be more comfortable to take things to the bedroom, so the couple leads Korra there and pushes her onto the bed, so this sexy threesome can REALLY get going!