Little Asian Transsexuals 6


Starring: Lee- an 18 year old trans beauty with tiny natural titties, May- a dark and lovely tranny with an affinity for cock, Ning- 18 year old sexy “girl” with natural titties and stiff cock, and Sapphire- 50% Hawaiian, 50% Japanese and 100% horny as hell, this is one lovely “lady.” Third World Media presents more of the greatest and rarest footage out there. Little Asian Transsexuals #6 has 4 absolutely stunning Asian girls, all with a huge… surprise. How can anyone not want the best of all worlds? Beauty, tits, and a sex drive that doesn’t stop. It’s no wonder Little Asian Transsexuals is one of the highest grossing Transsexual Lines, to date. In the first scene Allan tries his “hand” at pleasing his little tranny date Lee. Lee and Allan exchange a few blows (as in jobs) at first, but then graduate to a myriad of sexual positions, each hotter than the last. In the end, the two lovers climax and share the fruits of their labor. Next, May has her own session with Allan. After a few sexual calculations, the pair cum to the conclusion, the answer is 69. It seems that May has a thing for feet and jacks Allan off with her talented tootsies. They both end the scene with a mutual climax and an appreciation for their liquid gold. Then in the 3rd scene, Director Dimitri Wolfe captures the raw sexual energy exerted by the very sexy Ning and her man James. After a brief sword fight, Ning surrenders to James and engulfs his cock for what seems like an eternity. Then after fucking the light fantastic, the two cum like there’s no tomorrow. Wow. In the last scene, Sapphire shows why she was chosen to be the cover “girl” for this title. This Tranny rocks! She’s hot, horny and eager to please with her perfect little titties and her graciously stiff member. Let these Asian Transsexual Beauties baffle you with their mystique.