Joanna Angel & Casey Kisses & TS Foxxy Last Call


Joanna Angel walks into a packed bar filled with men and women casually socializing. Through the crowd, Joanna notices two women, Casey Kisses and TS Foxxy, staring back at her. She looks them up and down — they are tall, gorgeous and alluring, locking eyes seductively with Joanna. Joanna bites her lip, intrigued by these striking figures. ‘Who are they?’ Joanna asks the bartender, motioning to the women. ‘You could call them the welcoming committee,’ the bartender replies nonchalantly. As a stranger strikes up a conversation with her, Joanna’s eyes keep drifting back to Casey and Foxxy, who continue to watch her, their eyes piercing and lustful. When the music in the bar swells, Joanna starts to dance. Foxxy and Casey move in, encircling Joanna as their bodies writhe and girate on each other sensually. Casey leans in, her full lips brushing Joanna’s ear as she asks Joanna if she would like to go somewhere. Joanna looks at them both. What did they have in mind? The women smile at each other before taking Joanna by the hand and leading her towards the women’s restroom. They disappear inside as the bartender yells ‘last call’ to the crowd.
Inside the restroom, the ladies collide in an intense triple kiss, their tongues snaking in and out of each other’s mouths. But the spell is momentarily broken when one of the patrons tells them that the bar is closed.’Do you have a place nearby we could go?’ Joanna asks breathlessly. Casey and Foxxy smile again and pull Joanna into a stall, telling her to stay quiet. The bartender tidies up and leaves the now-empty bar, locking the door. The bar sits in silence … until slowly, Joanna, Casey and Foxxy re-emerge from the restroom. Leading her by the hand, the women take Joanna back into the open bar. Foxxy and Casey slip Joanna’s shirt off and suck on her perky tits. Joanna moans, already entranced by the rush of pleasure as she caresses the tantalizing bulges between Casey and Foxxy’s legs. Now that they’ve got the bar all to themselves, these mysterious women can FINALLY have their way with Joanna…

Pornstars: Foxxy