Driver’s Ed-ache – Whitney Wright & Erica Cherry


A driving instructor is alone in a classroom waiting for students to arrive. Erica Cherry arrives first and looks displeased, as if she doesn’t want to be there. The instructor cheerfully greets her and Erica gripes that she thinks it’s stupid that she has to have this court-ordered driver’s ed class. The instructor is pleasant as she assures Erica that she’ll have the course completed in no time!
Just as Erica is about to slump into a chair behind a desk, Whitney Wright steps inside. Immediately, Erica and Whitney’s eyes lock and they both see red.
As Erica and Whitney snap back and forth at each other, it’s revealed that they’ve been involved in a road rage incident with each other, which led to the police getting involved and them having to take the court-ordered driver’s ed class in order to get their licenses reinstated. They both blame each other for everything and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Meanwhile, the instructor helplessly watches on, meekly trying to get their attention once or twice but failing.
As things get really heated between Erica and Whitney, they start challenging each other, each wanting to prove that they’re tougher than the other. Riled and not about to back down, Erica boldly rips Whitney’s shirt. Whitney is shocked but doesn’t back down either, ripping Erica’s pants in return.
As Erica and Whitney continue to claw at each other’s clothes during their catfight, their anger and resentment turn into unbridled lust as sparks begin to fly. As they show more and more skin, the instructor becomes overwhelmed. Finally, the instructor throws her hands up in defeat and scurries out of the room, although Erica and Whitney completely ignore her.
Soon enough, Erica and Whitney’s clothes are reduced to sexy shreds and they resolve to solve their conflict the old-fashioned way – with sex!

Pornstars: Erica Cherry